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We met in London, in a very cheap and very, very dirty hostel. Ambra: a twenty-year-old arrived from Italy since a month, penniless and without a clue of who I was and what I wanted from life. Frédérik: a French Chef, globetrotter, without roots or ties.
Fred had been living there for a few months. He had recently returned from Morocco, where, intrigued and fascinated by the secrets of North African cuisine, he worked for almost a year.
It was December 2014, and I didn't know with whom or where I could celebrate Christmas. At that time, I used to work as an au pair, and I had two weeks of vacation: with a suitcase full of useless things to face a London winter with almost no heating, I reached that famous hostel booked with a few pounds.
Fred was one of my roommates, whom I met outdoor while we were smoking a cigarette at 2 am. He was about to go to work, but he gave me an appointment for the afternoon: according to him, it was not acceptable that I had not yet visited London or any museum at all. He also found it amusing that I did not yet have an English telephone number and that I was not registered officially in any public office.
He came back around three in the afternoon, but we didn't go to any museum. Sitting on the windowsill overlooking one of the weirdest neighbourhoods in
the city, we talked about ourselves, life, music and movies, and our dreams. At 5 in the morning, without knowing it, the idea of "Chez-Nous" had already taken shape.
We got married in December 2017, the same day we met. In the time we spent together in England, we worked a lot, changed many houses, travelled, studied but above all, dreamed. And we never stopped doing it.
What we want to achieve is simple: escape from the city and live in nature, in a wooden house built by us, surrounded by our bio-farm, producing: goat milk and cheese, honey, greenhouse fruit and vegetables, and organic cosmetics. For us, there is no better definition of freedom.
The first thing to do was to choose the place: to find a country that supported small businesses, where the economic situation was stable and growing, where education and the welfare state, and not consumerism and corruption were the basis on which the state-supported, was fundamental. And that's how we fell in love with Finland.
Once again, we did things our way. In January 2019, we bought a one-hectare plot of land in central Finland, in the lakes region, having seen it live only once, in October 2018.
In July 2019, we left London with a tent and spent there three weeks, building a small wooden cottage, where we now cook and sleep every time we go to continue a thousand jobs that are on our to-do list. At the end of October 2019, we finally moved to Helsinki, where we found jobs that allow us to organise and buy everything we need to, one day, achieve our dream.



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Ambra Norcini

Merci beaucoup pour votre gentillesse Édith !

Edith Cretois

It,s beautifull

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