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Meet Ambra & Fred

This store is part of the life of a French-Italian couple that decided to build a bio-farm and an eco-friendly house log in the heart of Central-Finland.

Frédérik Savigny
20 years experienced chef, specialised in world wild cuisine, European food, middle-aged food and traditional cuisine. Grew up in a farm. High level of knowledge on plants and animals.

Ambra Norcini
10 years experienced barista, specialised in customer service and sales. Business and Management L3 diploma. Soap maker and skin care product developer.

Our Goal is to open a bio farm and produce:
-Organic skin care product: soaps, creams, deodorant and lip balm
-Vegetable and fruit through the innovative aquaponic system,
-Goat cheese and milk

Read our blog and follow our journey and progress... from London to Helsinki!

I really am satisfied! I have tried the most expensive skincare products and some of them didn’t do anything at all, your cream has lightened my old scars and brightened my skin.

Susanne L.

Just saying the result on my nose area are amazing! Overall I really like the products! The deodorant holds really good even when I’m training, and the soaps feel amazing on the skin. My favorites are still the lipbalm and the face cream!
Couldnt be happier!

Tina S.

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